Who are these programs for?


  • Master the basic skills of the brow-master profession and get a job in a beauty salon, getting your hand and polishing the knowledge you’ve gained
  • Design your own selling portfolio and create your own Instagram account
  • Say goodbye to your fears and start having fun working with clients


  • Enhance your professional skills to the Advanced level
  • Learn the basics of financial and legal literacy in the beauty industry
  • Set up an account and advertising on Instagram
  • Learn how to get the right amount of customers
  • Organize your own small business, working from home or renting space in the salon


  • Get an additional profession, with which you will increase your earnings by at least 2 times
  • Learn the basics of financial and legal literacy in the beauty industry
  • Learn service skills and psychology of communication with clients

Why learn from me

Some of my core values in life are Freedom (personal, financial, temporal, territorial) and Recognition are satisfied customers who get a better version of their expectations from interacting with me

I love making this world a better place, planning my own work day, being financially independent and traveling. I am constantly learning new things and am ready to share my experience with those who share my views and want to develop in the beauty industry, making this world truly beautiful

Eyebrows are the face of any person, so when a master does a quality job and puts his soul, he changes not only the expression of the face and raises the self-esteem of his clients, he changes their reality

After all, a beautiful person tries to act beautifully in life as well, and the task of the master is to cultivate these emotions in the clients. This is my mission – to make the world a better place through the beauty that I create myself

What exactly do you get

Quality Basic Skills for the Brow Master Profession Without a solid foundation of knowledge and its thorough practicing under the guidance of a mentor, further development and a successful master’s career is impossible

Unique techniques and methods of advanced training, using which the master will be able to turn the eyebrows of any complexity into masterpieces. At such a master, clients queue up for a month in advance, even if his services are not just expensive, but very expensive.

The author’s cost and payback calculation table is a ready-made solution with which you can calculate the profitability of services and rent. You will learn how to work with it and be able to clearly predict the growth of your income and return on investment.

The basics of legal literacy – from employment in a salon to self-employment on renting a place in a salon or working from home. You will receive ready-made resume templates and learn the legal nuances of interacting with government agencies and inspecting authorities.

Skills in working with Instagram – creating a selling account and promoting their services, understanding how to delegate these powers. You don’t always have to do everything yourself, so you need to understand what you are entrusting to other people in order to assess their competence and not to “drain” the budget for nothing

Psychological techniques for working correctly with a client.

You will learn how to turn clients into your fans, pump up your self-promotion skills and be able to increase the energy of communication with the people around you. Charisma master – this is one of the main reasons for increasing the cash flow and attracting favorable opportunities in their lives

During the class I will constantly be supporting you.
A small gift from me – a course on reducing anxiety and stress ๐Ÿ™‚